.External supplier
- EBU (Engineering Business Unit) - MBU (Manufactruring Business Unit)

- Engineering supply for external job orders (EBU) aimed to strategic partnerships in all international aeronautical projects (small, medium and large).
- Manufacturing Business Unit (MBU:)
In addition the experience of OMA SUD in the most important programs developed in Italy makes it possible to offer:
- Complete Airframe Segments
- Manufacturing of spare part
- Manufacturing of the following type of loose parts: aluminium, steel and titanium,
machined parts from plate, extrusion, casting or forging, up to 150°.
- High precision machined parts;
- Aluminium sheet metal parts (rolled, formed, heat treated, etc.);
- Composite parts;
- Production engineering, design..and manufacturing of tools for all the main fabrication
..and assembly technologies in the aerospace field.

.OMASUD products
- General Aviation Aircrafts

With the goal to introduce a twin-engine aircraft comfortably with a very large cabin within the traditional high performance piston engine marketplace, OMA SUD has designed the SKYCAR Aircraft with the following selected key-points:

1) High Aerodynamic efficiency
2) Passenger comfort: More space, low internal noise
3) Synergetic architecture
4) Avionic concepts calls for:
..- Full glass cockipt
..- Synthetic vision 3D-MFD (Multifunction Display)
..- Enhancing situational awareness
..- Improving system monitoring and control

­ Flight qualities and passenger comfort
­ Faster than aircraft of same class
­ Larger cabin and baggage compartment
­ Internal layout for easy operation
­ Completely new aircraft
­ First of a new family of products

...Capua Plant